Vajrasana (Yogasana)

Sthithi : Dandasana


  • Fold the right leg and bring the right heel under the right buttock
  • Sitting on the right heel, fold the left leg and bring the left heel under the left buttock.
  • sit erect comfortably with the buttocks resting on both the heels and palms resting on the thighs


  • In the final posture the soles of the feet face upwards, heels are kept together and the entire weight of the body is felt on the back of the feet


  • A meditative posture as we can sit comfortably for a long time with erect spine
  • Sitting relaxed with spine erect is a prerequisite for a balanced both nostril breathing an indicator of Sushumna nadi functioning. Opening the sushumna nadi is one of the major aims of yoga practices. Since this indicates a state of perfect health free from asthma or any other illness. Hence this posture prepares you for subtler practices of pranayama and meditation to move towards normalization   of hyperactive (speeded up excited erratic) immune and autonomic nervous system.

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