Upavista Konasana (Sitting with legs wide)

  • Sitting on the floor with legs wide aprt is both comfortable and beneficial in pregnancy. The pelvis is well grounded and the diameters of the pelvic kanal widen, encouraging a feeling of openness. Mobility of the hip joints increases while the muscles of the inner thighs and the backs of the legs lengthen and release. This posture stabilizes and anchors the pelvis and so enhances the release of tension along the spine and in the neck and shoulders.
  • Regular practice of this position will increase your confidence in being able to open your body to give birth and enhance your awareness of the way your pelvis widening and loosening to make space for your baby. You can sit like this as often as you like or use this position for your breathing practice.
  • Start in the basic sitting position with your lower back supported by a wall or a corner. This posture can also be done sitting back-to-back with a partner or with your partner's feet supporting the spine.
  • Spread your legs as wide apart as possible without exceeding your natural limit. It is not important how wide you can open your legs but rather low comfortable you feel. Focus your awareness on your breathing and the way your body contacts the floor. 

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