Ujjayi Pranayama

Sthiti: Sit in any meditative posture


  • To start with exhale completely and empty the lungs. Then, start inhaling slowly and with awareness through both nostrils with the glottis partially closed.
  • Because of the partial closure of the glottis air flows in and out with friction thereby creating a sibilant (s) sound in the throat. This resembles very much to the hissing sound of a snake.
  • After you have completed the inhalation, adopt nasika mudra and close the right nostril by the thumb and exhale through the left nostril very slowly with the same hissing sound.
  • Make the exhalation as long as possible always longer than the inhalation.
  • This is one round. Perform 9 rounds.


  • Inhale through both nostrils & exhale through the left only in this type of practice.
  • Hissing sound is produced at the throat both while inhaling and exhaling.
  • Because of the hissing sound, Ujjayi is also known as "Hissing Pranayama"
  • The inhalations and exhalations should be slow, continuous.
  • Partial contraction or closing the glottis can be learnt by making a swallowing movement and feeling the gentle pressure in throat region.

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