Savasana in Lateral Position (Matsya Kridasana)

Sthithi: Lie supine on the ground with hands and feet apart. Raise the left arm above the head and turnover to left side; keep leg straight and the other knee is bent and support on a cushion.

  • Slightly stretch the body and allow the whole body to relax completely.
  • By concentrating the mind on different parts of the body starting from the toes to the head, a feeling of relaxation is propagated. This auto suggestion can be learnt intially with the help of the guide or the teacher who gives the instructions. Gradually one learns to suggest oneself to relax part by part.
  • As one gets the control, the art of relaxation will be natural and spontaneous. Then the whole body is relaxed to the extent one forgets the body and the mind experiences alertful rest.


  • One of the most powerful tools in controlling large number of diseases caused by tension such as High B.P., insomnia, etc. it is very helpful for calming down the mind leading to meditation.

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