Forward And Backward Bending (Loosening Practice)

Sthiti: Tadasana


  • Stretch the arms straight above the head with the palms facing forward.
  • Inhale and bend backwards with arms stretched above the head.
  • While exhaling bend forward as much as possible.
  • While inhaling come up and bend backwards and go on rapidly to forward bending with exhalation.
  • Repeat 20 times with increasing speed.
  • Gradually slow down and ultimately stop the practice.


  • Start slowly and gradually increase the speed within your limits.
  • You may also practice this while standing with legs apart when the arms will be moving between the legs.
  • While bending forward do not let the hands touch the ground; swing them in the air backwards.
  • Always bend from the lower waist.
  • Make the movements free, easy and flowing.


  • Reduces the fat from waist, back, specially abdominal region and thus tones up that area.
  • Increased flexibility of spine gives the generalized feeling of well being.

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